Daily Caller High: Vol. XIII

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Editor’s Note: Daily Caller High is a group of young writers cutting their teeth in the world of political punditry. This week, the authors’ reflect on events of the past few weeks.

‘Government Motors’ Thinks You’re Gullible Voters

by Brandon Kiser

Has anyone ever told you, “Look up! Someone wrote ‘gullible’ on the ceiling!” You probably looked up. It’s a cute trick, but it’s all fun and games. Last week, General Motors tried to pull a similar trick. According to news reports, one would think GM has paid off its bailout loans from Washington. If this were true, it would be quite the accomplishment.

The fact is, however, they’ve pulled the wool over your eyes. What did they pay? Only a paltry $6.7 billion of the total $47.8 billion they were given. How? The $6.7 billion was the only direct loan the auto company received. The rest was through the 60.8 percent equity stake the feds took that gave no guarantee of a decent return—or a return at all.

If it’s possible, it only gets worse. According to Forbes, when GM went into bankruptcy they also received $13.4 billion in “working capital.” Now they are using that money—taxpayers’ money—to pay back a loan of, wait for it taxpayer money.

It’s a ridiculous scheme and the company should be called out for it. Instead, the government and we the people are still on the hook for the $6.7 billion and the 60.8 percent stake. Don’t expect that to change any time soon.

Pray for the Lie

by Ian Pringle

As most have heard, the courts have ruled that the National Day of Prayer is “unconstitutional”. This ruling came after the group “Freedom From Religion” sued the federal government because of the holiday. I have not read the judge’s exact ruling, however I do not need to, to realize it was a liberal biased ruling that misinterpreted the Constitution. The day of prayer has always been a day when people may pray or meditate, usually together.

This is no surprise, of course. Liberal lies have been forced upon everyone alive today. The “separation of church and state” is taught in our public schools, as if it is the gospel truth. Every judge in the land, unless home-schooled, was, without a doubt, fed this dribble. Furthermore, as interviews with the “Freedom From Religion” and other groups have shown, this is a war on Christianity, not other religions. Again, no surprise at all! This is another lie that has been poured into young minds, through the public school system.

I think we all ought to reflect on these lies that are taught in school. Yes, let’s even pray on this lie. Despite what the liberals want you to think, God works in every facet of our lives, including politics and government. I believe we should all pray for a time when people will understand the truth of our Constitution, a Constitution that many would argue (myself included) is an inspired word from God. We ought to pray that our President repeals this ruling against our National Day of Prayer. And then, we need to be vocal. Speak to your friends and family about what our Constitution really says. If you go to school, correct your teachers at every turn, in fact, even if you do not go to school, correct everyone who spews a lie. The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance, and that means casting light upon lies. That means speaking up, instead of shrinking back. That means protecting the Lord’s place in our country, because it is a precious place.

Is the GOP finally catching the social media bug?

By Jackie Seal

It’s been an age-old story that the Republican Party is full of out-of-touch, old people and President Obama even tried hammering that home in a campaign attack ad against John McCain. Besides the fact that the Obama campaign failed to realize it’s very difficult for John McCain to use a computer because of the injuries he received while defending our country; the ad goes after the fact that John McCain and republicans are out-of-touch with modern day technologies.

But, alas! It seems the GOP is finally catching on to the wonderful world of social media and the Internet itself. Everyone and their brother know that Obama completely obliterated McCain on the Internet side of things. So, I think it’s safe to say the Republican Party was served a bit of a wake-up call in 2008. An article from The Hill earlier this week gave light to a ‘new media challenge’ house Republicans are having. The idea of the challenge is for the participants to ‘increase their presence’ on social media outlets such as, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This is a great idea, especially on the Twitter side of things. Twitter has served as a huge help to the conservative movement.

Speaking for myself, I’ve heard about events I probably never would have heard about if it weren’t for Twitter and Twitter is the first place I learned of Scott Brown. Maintain a heavy web presence would be beyond helpful to the GOP. By exploiting websites like YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and others the GOP could become a huge force. They can become a force for raising money and it will help get people involved.

If you’re a Republican running for office or you are a Republican currently in office and you are not using two or more of the above websites, what are you waiting for?

Obama Meets with Graham

by Lyda Loudon

What do you think about President Obama’s religion? It’s no doubt a controversial subject, but this week he did something new—he met with Reverend Billy Graham.

They met in his mountainside home, along with Rev. Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, who is carrying on his legacy. Rev. Billy Graham has met with every President now for decades. He mentored, prayed for, prayed with, and counseled many American Presidents. Many Presidents turned to Rev. Graham in times of crisis.

Rev. Graham is 91 years old, and health problems have prevented him from meeting with President Obama in the past. President Obama wanted to meet with him during the 2008 election, but issues with Rev. Graham’s health prevented him from doing so.

President Obama tends to be staunchly pro-choice, which interferes with Rev. Graham’s being in full support of the sanctity of all human life. It says a lot about Rev. Graham, that despite those mixed political views he was concerned for the office of the President being favored in the sight of God. He was willing to stop everything, put all that aside, and do the best possible thing for America—pray for her. I hope that this visit left the President thinking. I hope he talks to God, on his own accord, to pray for America. Above all else, I hope he became aware of his need for God, indeed our need for God, as a nation.

Rev. Graham has met with past presidents dating back to the Eisenhower administration. He knows the drill. He gave the President two Bibles. One for himself, and one for the First Lady. If they read them, they automatically become 80 percent cooler people in my book.

Brandon Kiser is a Kentucky high school student. He writes as an assistant editor for 73wire.com, blogs at the American Kiser, and can be found on Twitter @BrandonKiser. Jackie Seal is a high school senior who blogs at Red, White and Conservative and can be found on Twitter at @JackieSeal. Ian Pringle is an 18-year-old conservative. He blogs at 17 Pages and can be found on Twitter as @Pard68. Lyda Loudon is a 14-year-old conservative. She writes for Big Journalism, and co-founded both The Future Speaks, and the Tea Party Youth.