‘Now they tell us?’

Heather Bachman Contributor
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Many recent ObamaCare articles have been headed by one statement: “Now they tell us.” Recent news has shown that organizations and reports are somehow finally announcing that ObamaCare will cost more money than planned and will not be reform after all. Despite these facts not really making an entry into mainstream news, the cost of ObamaCare has been known and reported by many. From organizations to regular people blogs, articles, letters and phone calls screamed what is now finally common knowledge. Hence, the only problem with this “announcement” is that it was already known; it just wasn’t admitted by the much of the mainstream news.

Nonetheless, the real people who should come clean regarding this legislation are the democrat lawmakers who pushed for its approval. Despite now everyone uncovering the current and pending damage of ObamaCare, they still haven’t admitted it as these announcements are coming from bipartisan organizations and not liberal legislators.

You could also still say that ObamaCare still hasn’t been read by the people who voted for it; as they still call it “A jobs bill” among other things. Nonetheless, it is finally becoming mainstream news: ObamaCare is DebtCare and nothing more.

There are three public sectors that will be hurt most by ObamaCare: Students, seniors and doctors. Students will receive more debt via their student loans as they will be paying for the majority of ObamaCare. While the Government gets a better rate than any credit card or loan in history at 2.9 percent, the students of the world will be given the same treatment loan sharks offer paying an incredible 6.9 percent. This is being placed beside a consistent recession, lack of jobs and questionable real estate market.

Further, seniors and doctors will be affected by a common bond: They need each other. However, those needs may be challenged as Medicare cuts will risk doctors’ livelihoods and possibly seniors’ health and need for the best doctor. Reports have shown that these costs are already below market value and now will become in many ways literally peanuts for both sides. Doctors will cut their selection of patients while seniors will be forced to cut their choice of doctors.

This is aside from the charges regular citizens will endure for the “privilege” of healthcare or of the charge if they choose not to. Already the costs have gotten to a point where many people are stating they will wait to get sick before they get insurance. In addition to this being the equivalent of getting in line for gas before buying a car this will increase more costs as, since ObamaCare restricts insurance agencies from underwriting insurance rates, premiums will skyrocket. If this is reform, the nation would really be in trouble if we got the democrats’ definition of the opposite.

Profiteers from this legislation other than obvious insurance companies will be joined by illegal aliens. Despite attempted corrections created by the right, there are no restrictions for illegal aliens to profit from ObamaCare. This not only will increase taxes inadvertently, but give people who break the law by entering our country to have the real “privilege” of ObamaCare: The one our democrats said we would receive.

Nonetheless, rising costs and cutting medicare does not make reform. This is nothing more than something that is going to create detrimental damage to an already lacking objective of society. Health insurance did not need more damage nor did this recession risked nation need more taxes. ObamaCare needs to be destroyed before it damages anything more than it already has. Doctors are resigning on a daily basis and seniors’ lives are at risk not to mention the financial future of our youth. Despite this, our liberal majority will not admit any wrongdoing when it comes to this “reform”. It seems they can call facts “phony.” Maybe what these people need is not just a copy of the Constitution but also a dictionary.

Heather Bachman is a political commentator and broadcaster and a New Jersey native. More information can be found at HeatherBachman.com.