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Don’t feel sorry for David Letterman

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He feels sorry enough for himself to cover the rest of us!

Associated Press:

David Letterman says the scandal surrounding his workplace dalliances initially “knocked him down” and left him depressed, but that now he’s putting the pieces of his life back together.

During a guest shot on Friday’s “Live! With Regis and Kelly,” the CBS late-night star said his behavior was stupid and reckless, and that it hurt his family and himself. But he sounded hopeful that life with his wife and young son can “even be better, in a different way” than before the explosive revelations that he had had sex with female “Late Show” co-workers.

“You take a look at the explosion,” Letterman said, “and it knocks you down and you wake up every morning and you’re scared and you’re depressed and sad.”

Awwww! Well, Dave, maybe you should’ve kept that fuse in your pants.

One thing you start to notice about Letterman? No matter what, he’s always the victim. And of course, we all know the one who done him wrong like nobody else before or since:

He mocked Leno’s January appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” He mimicked Leno’s squeaky voice declaring, “No one should blame Conan for this.”

“Well, Jay, no one’s blaming Conan for anything, for God’s sake,” Letterman cracked. “Conan went to NBC and said, ‘Can I have Jay’s job?’ And they said, ‘Sure.’ How do you blame Conan for that? ‘Yeah, well, Conan and I both got screwed.’ Wait a minute! How did you both get screwed? He got canceled, YOU got the show! How did you BOTH get screwed?”

The same way you got screwed, supposedly, even though you were the one doing the screwing.

Letterman’s spiteful self-pity might be easier to overlook if he was still funny. But it’s not 1985 anymore.

Jim Treacher