W.H. targeting 5 Reps. to flip on amnesty

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Not the least bit satisfied with the government taking on the auto, housing, student loan, and health care industries – the Obama administration is now set on tackling immigration reform.

According to Carol E. Lee and Kasie Hunt of the Politico, the White House is stepping up pressure on five key Republicans to flip and join Senate Democrats:

The administration is starting with a pool of 11 Republicans who voted for immigration reform in 2006. Subtract a few who are dead-ends — such as John McCain, who faces a tough primary in Arizona — and that leaves the White House zeroing in on several others, including Dick Lugar, Judd Gregg and Lisa Murkowski and a couple of newcomers: Scott Brown and George LeMieux.

Each got a call from President Barack Obama from Air Force One two weeks ago. And last Wednesday, Obama stressed that without Republican support immigration reform is a nonstarter.

According to the article, the current prognosis for flipping by the respective Republicans are listed as:

-Dick Lugar of Indiana – “Friendship with Obama doesn’t extend to backing reform;”

-Judd Gregg of New Hampshire – “Wants to strengthen border security first;”

-Lisa Murkowski of Alaska as “Reform prospects not ‘favorable;’”

-Scott Brown of Massachusetts with “wants a focus on jobs instead;” and

-George LeMiuex of Florida as “Open to talking, wants to see Obama out front.”