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James Michael Pratt | Contributor

Americans are truth seekers. And Tea Party voices are not just run-of-the-mill seekers, but mature graying veterans of real life. We can add, subtract, have fought in wars against Marxist and totalitarian regimes, know the failure of socialism from real life experience, have built businesses, enjoyed credit, understand how it works, raised children, and appreciate simple concepts like deficits, debt, and responsible fiscal management.

Tea Partiers newly born see “truth” in scales of black-and-white economics with concerns too numerous to mention here. A few truths we voice, now are seen by government rulers just as Orwell framed, becoming “…a revolutionary act.”

Mismanagement: As “redneck” and “racists” as you decry us, we see government mismanagement of America’s wealth includes the Chinese owning more treasury notes than we can repay with interest, while government continues the buffet-style gorge on increased bureaucratic growth in the guise of “taking care of the citizens.”

Prudence: We understand Jefferson when he said: “The same prudence which in private life would forbid our paying our own money for unexplained projects, forbids it in the dispensation of the public moneys.” Elected officials have thrown out prudence for partisan spending sprees destined to make Rome’s “bread and circus” days look tame.

Revolutionary truth: As a member of the graying vocal advocates for freedom from oppressive mathematical tactics, which by default or design appear to be directing the United States toward bankruptcy, “revolutionary truth” is revealed in “Them vs. Us.”

Ruler Mentality:

Them: Presidential spokesperson Valerie Jarrett voiced to Tom Brokaw on Meet the Press Nov. 9, 2008 that Barack Obama will “…take power and begin to rule from day one.”

Us: No one “rules” the American people. They are elected to govern, uphold law, be wise stewards over national assets and credit, and to be “public servants” of the people.

Partisan Politics

Them: “Elections have consequences.” – (Quote courtesy Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Emmanuel) Meaning? Party politics and force trump majority voice.

Us: The people are not partisan employers, but Americans. Republican, independent, democrat green when taxed is equal. We expect the legislative and executive branch to do what is best for all with particular care for the money you charge for our citizenship.

Crisis Management

Them: ”Never let a crisis go to waste.” – Meaning? “People second. Let’s use this crisis for political gain.”

Us: “If you can’t fix a crisis please don’t contribute to the next one through inaction and ineffectual posturing.” Of current note: Pass blame on gulf coast oil spill. Use 10 days for a response before federal emergency plans begin.

Nationalized Industry Power Grab

Them: “We had to take over GM and the financial industry. They were in trouble and too big to fail.”

Us: “You are nationalizing industry and institutions while propping up union jobs. It isn’t your right to do this. That is what legally mandated bankruptcy laws regulate.”

Socialist Card

Them: “I do think at some point you have made enough money.” Barack Obama April 29, 2010. Meaning, “We believe in limiting income and redistributing wealth.”

Us: The American dream demands risk taking in a free market economy. Growth of private wealth strengthens all. What’s the limit you’ll demand we don’t earn? (Does Obama’s 2009 $5 million income count as enough?)

Race and Poverty Card

Them: “If you oppose national healthcare reform you must be a racist, heartless, and against 30+ million uninsured.”

Us: The party of “pro-choice” – 30+ million potential voters aborted since 1973 Roe vs. Wade – will regulate choices over our physical body; the last thing we “rule?” (Over our dead bodies.)

Immigration Card

Them: “Immigration reform with amnesty for 20-40 million illegal alien residents (making them prospective voters) is humane. After all they do jobs other Americans don’t want. It would be inhumane to force them and their children to return to their home lands.”

Us: “You pick and choose laws to enforce. Protect our borders, and enforce the federal laws on the books first. Front door immigration is fair and quintessentially American. While you’re at it, allow (via legislation) the unborn (next 20-40 million potential voters) to migrate from the womb, then seek immigration reform.”

Pork Barrel Card

Them: “This 900 billion stimulus (your money) will create shovel ready jobs.”

Us: “Give us tax breaks and we will produce the shovels and the new jobs.”

Liberal Econ-Babble

Them: “We can spend $1 trillion in health care costs over the next ten years and reduce the budget deficit by more than $138 billion.”

Us: WE AREN’T STUPID! Every government social program is broke or soon to be bankrupt: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

TRUTH: Liberals and progressives “can’t handle the truth.” As Margaret Thatcher said: “The trouble with socialism is that someday you run out of other people’s money.”

James Michael Pratt is a New York Times bestselling novelist and non-fiction author of nine works , CEO of PowerThink Publishing, public speaker, and Founder of Reagan Revolution 2. Email:

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