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What’s next, Shahzad was best man in one of Osama’s weddings?

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Hot Air: Unbelievable: Shahzad reportedly had contact with Awlaki too

And I’m sure you’ve noticed that the narrative has shifted, not at all smoothly, from “It wasn’t a Muslim terrorist, you rednecks!” to “Don’t you rednecks dare lash out against Muslims because of this terrorist!”

The latest spin? It’s supposed to be significant that Aliou Niasse, the street vendor who spotted Shahzad, is a Muslim too. As Gabriel Malor points out: So what? Does being a Muslim make you immune to bombs built by other Muslims? Are we supposed to applaud him for not wanting himself and a lot of other innocent people to die? Is your opinion of Muslims really that low, to think he might do otherwise? Good for Niasse, sure, but he just did what any other sane person would’ve done under those circumstances.

Is it some sort of politically correct math equation or something? Are the two Muslims supposed to cancel each other out? If a Muslim bomber is spotted by a Muslim street vendor, does that mean the motive becomes Unitarian?

Jim Treacher