Angry woman bites off lover’s tongue during spat

Pat McMahon Contributor
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Tina Mueller, a German citizen, was arrested for using and possessing GHB and for assaulting her boyfriend, Marc Schmidt. The drug charges were not the horrifying or interesting part of her arrest. It was her particularly vicious assault of her lover that caught the attention of the press.

Schmidt came home after a night of drinking and attempted to kiss Mueller. She, however, wanted nothing to do with him and started to yell at him. Schmidt made the mistake of telling her “take your tongue and piss off.” This sent Mueller into a subdued rage, because she lured him over to her by apologizing. During the apology she leaned in to kiss him and bit off his tongue.

After realizing what happened, Schmidt ran to his grandmother’s house for help and then went back to retrieve the severed piece of flesh. He went to the hospital with the 3 cm long and 5 cm wide piece for them to reattach it into his mouth. Tragically, doctors could not reattach the tongue and sewed up the wound instead.

Schmidt has spent over four weeks consuming nothing but liquids and he now suffers from a lisp. Mueller was found not guilty because she was under the influence of drugs and given 200 community service hours. Schmidt has filed a lawsuit against his ex, but sadly he says he “can’t bear the thought of kissing a woman again.”

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