Ellin Barkin wins $4.3 million suit from Ron Perlman

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Actress Ellen Barkin won a $4.3 million lawsuit from her billionaire ex-husband Ron Perlman.

Despite the $4.3 million award from a Manhattan Supreme Court Justice, Barkin was not satisfied.

Star Celebritys reports:

Ellen and Ron had a five year marriage relationship and they agreed to split in the year 2006. She won this money in Apple head contract. According to Manhattan Supreme Court Justice, Debra James, Apple head contract and the divorce agreement were separate deals.

In this case, the judgement was given in favor of Ellen Barkin. But, Ellen Barkin was not satisfied with the justice; she expected $20 to $60 million. Ron Perlman was ordered to pay an amount of $3.4 million along with interest. So, the net amount would become $4.3 million.

She wants to invest this amount for her film production company, Barkin’s Production’s company which was co- founded by his ex husband, Ron Perlman.

Barkin has been rumored to be linked with actor Al Pacino, which she denies.