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This is a job… for Boringman!

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If you think the Federal Reserve is a big ol’ yawn, you couldn’t be more wrong. For decades, they’ve put out colorful comic books explaining… um… a bunch of financial stuff that I don’t understand at all. But check it out, they’ve got their own superhero!

The Fed won’t talk about these comics, or who writes and draws them. It’s all very hush-hush. Check out Aleksandra Kulczuga’s closer look at these very odd comic books.

On a personal note, this is Aleks’ last day at the Daily Caller. She’s received a full-time Phillips Foundation fellowship to write on the Polish military in Afghanistan, and she’ll be traveling to the Middle East over the next year. She’s been with us since the site launched, and she’ll definitely be missed.

Szczęście, Aleks. Nie zapominajcie o nas, kiedy jesteś sławna!

Jim Treacher