Hard to believe Obama’s claims that he’s not Marxist

Michael Wendling Contributor
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Does the president think we’re stupid? I mean really; I know he’s got the media pom-pom squad cheering his every move and ignoring his every misstep, while shamelessly putting him on a pedestal above the reach of criticism; but for the love of God, the president himself is not even hiding it anymore. Recently the president made this remark. “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” Wait, what? I’m sorry, but how is he allowed to continue saying he’s a capitalist? Mr. Obama’s above statement, even if taken independent of numerous and documented supporting facts, is a Marxist statement, completely in line with a Marxist philosophy. How can the simple acknowledgment of that fact, one so clearly defined, remain taboo?

I’m not going to waste your time or mine going thru President Obama’s family tree, because frankly those roots have already been credibly exposed and every single one of them is a Socialist/Marxist root. Moreover, President Obama has proudly described those roots, both the individuals and experiences that make up those roots in his own words via books and speeches. If you want to keep pulling the wool over your eyes, fine; but please stop reading this, put the crazy straw back in your “Kool-Aid” and continue sucking. It is my intention to communicate with those who still value critical thinking and know that facts and propaganda are not synonyms. How is it possible that people can hear and see what something is, than ignore, be distracted, or convinced it’s something else?

I feel like he’s President “Willy Wonka”, he says whatever he wants, plays a few notes on his tele-prompter-media flute and then a team of “windy city” oompa-loompas’ riddle sing the American people into agreement. This of course would all be hysterical, ya know; as a SNL skit, but this man really is the president and his philosophy really is no laughing matter. The “joke” sadly, is going to be on the American people when they wake up one day and realize that the “American Dream” has turned into a nightmare of socialist entitlements and collectivism; all the while having been sold to them transparently cloaked in hope and change.

As this president engages in class warfare, and beats up Wall Street with the biggest populist bat he can find I must conclude that this president does not understand, or worse disagrees with the fact that it is our equality of opportunity and not the promise of equal results that defines our unique American spirit. America’s success has always been built on being the country of cradle to grave opportunity, not cradle to grave entitlements. What is absolutely imperative and I what I believe the president, along with an increasing number of Americans miss; is that the freedom to succeed must always be balanced by the freedom to fail. Without such a balance, the motivation to win and succeed is replaced by the acceptance of mediocrity and excuses for not having achieved ones’ full potential. Moreover, in a capitalistic society when you punish those who succeed and reward those who fail; you weaken both the character and motivation of each individual.

I am left to ask, does President Obama truly value independence and self-reliance? Surely a Constitutional law professor such as the president must understand that it is in our “pursuit of happiness” where our will is tested and our character is molded. I wonder does the president take note that the word is “pursuit”; which means acquiring happiness is a hunt, a chase, a quest and not a birth right. We are only guaranteed the “pursuit” Mr. President; we are not guaranteed, nor do we have a right to a job, a home or healthcare. We do not have the right to demand the fruits of someone else’s labor. This country was built on an individuals’ ability to earn as much profit as legally possible within the risk/reward free market system. A system that says if I’m smarter, work longer and harder to make a better “widget”, or if I possess more talent than others, then I will prevail and prosper.

The Constitution tells us what the government cannot do to us, not what the government is supposed to do for us. Life is a difficult journey, it is not fair. A government cannot legislate for success or against poverty and there are no utopias; but there is here in America a promise of freedom and the opportunity to use that freedom and build your American Dream.

Michael Wendling is currently a senior sales associate with a leading resort company. He is also a business entrepreneur currently in development of a social networking site on track to launch later this year. He spent more than two decades in the restaurant industry from a bus boy to general manger, most notably the historic Occidental Restaurant adjacent to the White House where he served on the management staff, focused on service and wine.