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Meghan McCain: ‘H8rs r teh suck’

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You might think being Meghan McCain is a pretty sweet gig. You’ve got a lot of money, people pay attention to your sage wisdom about why your dad’s political party is a bunch of jerks, and you don’t have to put much effort into it. And by “much” I mean “any, ever, in your whole life.”

But it ain’t all lattes ‘n’ laffs with Whoopi and the girls, kids. There’s a darker side to being Meghan McCain, as she tells us in her latest column for the Daily Beast:

Last month I was out shopping with my mother in Phoenix, when a man came up to her and yelled, “Your husband needs to be more conservative!” before storming off. Believe it or not, nothing like this has ever really happened to me before.

How could we possibly believe it had?

Sure, there have been times when I’ve been at rallies or speeches and people have made rude comments—that comes with the territory when you are in a public family—but this particular incident felt really shocking and disappointing. It was a direct slap in the face—a sign of how high the level of rancor has gotten that this man felt compelled to yell at my mother and me at the mall.

Is Meg-Meg really that sheltered? (Rhetorical question.) Sure, this fellow shouldn’t have yelled at them, but is “Your husband should be more conservative” really rancorous? Crabby, at worst.

If the guy had wanted to spew some rancor, he would’ve yelled something like, “Your old man sure f***ed everything up in ’08, you pillow-chested bimbo!” Or maybe, “If the NVA really wanted to torture your daddy, they’d have built a time machine and brought back printouts of your Twitter feed!” Something along those lines. That would be unconscionably rude. That would be rancorous. That would be a really funny Youtube video contemptible breach of decorum.

Heck, if she wants rancor, she should just read this.

Jim Treacher