Showing our country respect

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In the wake of the incident at the California school wherein students were sent home for wearing the American flag, it has become abundantly clear (to me) that we are too entrenched in political correctness to hold people accountable for bad behavior. And political manipulation is growing dangerous.

Cinco de Mayo has long been a holiday celebrated by more Americans than Mexicans. A family member of mine managed a Chi-Chi’s. On May 5 there was always a large crowd of which a handful may have been of Mexican descent.

What exacerbated the school situation was an act of bad timing: 11 days prior, Arizona was forced to enact a law because the Federal government refused to adequately protect its borders. This sent the liberal media and politicos into an unrestrained frenzy causing them to fill the airwaves with vitriol. A fallout from such a frenzy was surely the event that got 5 students removed from school for wearing an American flag that sunny May 5, in Santa Clara County.

Perhaps the parents of the Flag 5 should look to sue the media for inciting racial hatred? Why aren’t our hate laws protecting us from the media and politicians?

So, why the trouble this year with Cinco de Mayo? Is it because we really are a nation of Mexican hating racists? I don’t think so, despite what the media broadcasts into the ether and politician’s blather into a microphone.

As I see it, it’s because Americans are at their breaking point. Millions of us are out of work, we are losing our homes and our dignity. Our nerves are raw. Not helping matters is we experience the federal government failing us at every turn. Where they should be taking action they are motionless. Where they should remain silent there is a thunderous roar.

This administration appears to be filled with frat boys and girls recovering from a bender while both houses of Congress refuse to grow a pair and uphold the Constitution. We borrowed money from China to bail out our banks yet we are sending money to help bail out Greece? Did we borrow money from China for this? Our government is either totally incompetent or deliberately trying to destroy our country.

We are no longer willing to play political games of “correctness”. We are tired of being manipulated by words. We’ve grown weary of “political correctness” just as we’ve grown weary of people coming to our country, uninvited and disrespectful.

Most of us don’t fault anyone for wanting to find a better, safer place to raise their families. But while you force your way into our country in search of your better, safer tomorrow you jeopardize ours and yours. One day you may find you can come here legally but, sadly, there will be no America to come to.

Our local communities are struggling for every dollar. We can barely educate, feed and house the citizens who are here legally. Some of our states are bankrupt and our federal government is burying us in debt we may never recover from. The America you seek may soon be called China West. I wonder how the Chinese government will treat illegal immigrants? Forgive us if we seem a little testy. We are fighting to keep our country, our freedom and our way of life.

Despite what the media keeps telling you we don’t want you out because of your heritage it’s because you refuse to respect that you are in America without being invited and you are taking things we can ill afford to give legal citizens let alone illegal ones.

The majority of us are not native to this continent. Our ancestors worked hard to earn their citizenship. We dislike those who try and game the system our ancestors had to struggle through to earn their place. They followed the rules, bloodied their knuckles with hard work, lost loved ones to war, paid the tax man more than he deserved, worked two or three jobs, missed the births of children and passed out on the bed at night due to exhaustion.

I am of German, Irish and Scottish descent. I take pride in knowing my ancestors fought and died along side Robert the Bruce but I call myself an American not a Scottish-American, nor Irish or German American. My ancestors realized in order to be “ONE” nation it was important to become “American”. They held on to the traditions of their home countries, while embracing America. They learned the language and the customs and melted into American culture. As they melted they did not lose who they were, America became a part of them as did Scotland, Ireland and Germany become a part of America. They knew in order for America to work we had to be “us”. We could not remain groups of British, Irish, Spanish, etc. We had to be ONE people or we would constantly be fighting amongst ourselves and this would make us a week country, not a strong one.

Americans love diversity. We cannot stress enough the majority of Americans could not care less about the color of your skin or the longitude and latitude of your birth, we care about the content of your character. When so many in our leadership have proven to be corrupt liars we can ill afford to allow to stay within our borders those who are not honorable enough to respect our laws.

Respect our laws, embrace our culture, share yours with us, we will be more than happy to help you find your way here legally.

Cindy Stickline-Rose is a former law clerk and office manager, as well as a mother of five children, one of which suffers from cerebral palsy.