First Arab Miss USA pole dancing scandal

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Stripper pole dancing photos of Miss USA Rima Fakih are the latest scandal or dirt if you will to come to light about the beauty pageant queen. Wow she hasn’t even had the crown for 24 hours and there is already gossip on her, that was fast. I have to say it sounds like it could be quite the scandal but it isn’t, well until people blow it out of portion that is, let me explain. Turns out back in 2007 Rima was the winner of a contest for a local Detroit radio station where she had to basically shake her thing. Maybe she was looking to perfect her moves or something but whatever the case she got some good loot out of it like jewelry, gift cards oh and her very own piece of equipment for her house so she could practice her moves in private if you know what I mean.

In the grand scheme of scandals surrounding women with the coveted crown this is so minor, although I am sure many were hoping it was so much more than it is. Now as you can see Rima looks really hot doing her thing, even with clothes on. Many of you were probably expecting her to have less clothing but you have to admit the girl looks freaking hot! Clearly some men or I guess women too in Detroit must agree with me because as you can tell from one picture Rima walked away with her boob full of one dollar bills. Not bad for an amateur I must say.

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