Arcata Police report rash of bad LSD trips

Pat McMahon Contributor
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A recent rash of what appear to be bad acid trips has caught the attention of the Arcata Police Department, which is warning people who may use the drug.

It started on April 18, when officers responded to a residence to help Arcata-Mad River Ambulance personnel with a 31-year-old man who had just castrated himself. Medics and officers couldn’t find the man’s testicles, according to APD, and he later told police that he’d flushed them down the toilet because they contained “monsters.”

Then, beginning on May 8, the incidents picked up. A 21-year old man took LSD and wandered from his home without adequate clothing or shoes and without saying where he was going. The man wandered in the forest for two days while his family and friends looked for him. He returned two days later, according to police.

The next day, police were called to Mad River Hospital to assist with a combative 19-year-old man reportedly undergoing flashbacks — two weeks after he took LSD.

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