Specter supports Kagan, why is anyone surprised?

Heather Bachman Contributor
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This administration nor its devotees never cease to amaze. With an opening in the Supreme Court, Obama and his administration had a real chance to show themselves as the leadership they supposedly are. Then America was introduced to Elena Kagan: A Solicitor General who has had zero experience from the court bench despite her attempts to control as such through her past positions such as Dean of the Harvard Law School. Once again, Obama shows his true colors and risks America in the process.

Despite her background screaming “Why is this woman even being considered?,” the mainstream media stands behind their President and works to enhance the selection by any means necessary. Recently, former RINO (Republican In Name Only) turned Democrat crony and liberal favorite Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania once again following the crowd in supporting the nominee without a problem. The media attempted to use this through a news article actually attempting to show surprise due to his vote against her during his RINO years for her current job. The fact that he was titled a Republican in Name Only should be a hint to why this is no more surprising than our current Attorney General working against legislation he never read. Specter, despite the recent support he has received through avenues such as the current administration, has always been a follower. It is only because of the different pact he once followed that he is getting any ink from this instance.

Further, while the mainstream media may want to use this for Kagan’s positives, it is in fact a negative that the only real publicized support she can drudge up is from a well known follower and not a legislative leader. This just goes to show you how inept this candidate is as she not only lacks experience by not ever holding a position on the bench but also has written fewer articles on legal objectives than the number of pages that make up the Arizona Legislation. However, as the Obama fan club they are, the mainstream media is attempting to avert attention from the experience lacking by way of writing the articles on Specter’s “support despite being a past critic” as well as calling Republicans act of actually doing their job discussing and researching our prospective Supreme Court Justice “hunting for clues.”

The Obama administration of course followed in stride. Immediately after Elena Kagan was announced, the White House has attempted to cover up the reality of not only her lack of experience, but also every avenue of her background that is even available. After her announcement, they even went as far as to “interview” the candidate despite a known law that no interviews are to occur until after the confirmation.

When it comes to the Supreme Court, the most qualified candidate available for the lifetime position must be chosen. No questions such as the ones raised by Kagan should ever exist past the announcement nor should an administration take control of what we know about the candidate. Jurisdiction over the media should not be an avenue of any administration, especially when it comes to such an important position. Further, the media should not be so available to bow down to a candidate especially when their lack of experience is so visible. Therefore, as a result of Kagan’s inability she must be removed from the process and replaced with someone that has the right experience needed for a lifetime appointment in this court. Bottom line: We have training wheels on the White House; we don’t need them on the Supreme Court.

Heather Bachman is a political commentator and broadcaster and a New Jersey native. More information can be found at HeatherBachman.com.