Visuals could be embarrassing to WH with a Specter loss

Pat McMahon Contributor
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Update 5/19: Sen. Arlen Specter has lost the Democratic Pennsylvania Senate primary to Rep. Joe Sestak.

If Sen. Arlen Specter loses in today’s Pennsylvania primary, here’s a flier that could make it hard for President Obama to distance himself from a losing campaign.

One reader awoke this morning at his Philadelphia apartment to find this election day advertisement with visuals of Obama and Specter campaigning together. In Obama’s standard campaign font, the text calls Specter “President Obama’s choice for Pennsylvania.”

The fliers were paid for by the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania.

A Specter loss will likely be spun by the Obama administration as the result of anti-Washington voter sentiment, rather than anti-Obama attitudes. The reader, however, asks this question: how will they say that when fliers like this put the President at the forefront of his campaign?