Summer drinks inspired by this week’s entertainment news [SLIDESHOW]

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Did you know that there’s a Cocktail World Cup? Because there is. And Team USA won first place this year.

The New York Daily News reports that NYU grad Sean Hoard led the American team with a kiwi vodka fizz drink he concocted. With the actual World Cup starting up next month in South Africa, why not show support with a “Wellington Fizz”? After all, it did win the Cocktail World Cup. Maybe you’ll bring a little extra luck to the U.S. team.

Not a big soccer fan? Fine. There are drinks for every occasion.

If you caught this week’s story on KFC extending the run of their calorie-crazy Double Down, check out Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver’s recommendation to complete your meal: ‘Colt 45 with a dissolved Pepcid AC. It works every time.’

Desperately in need of a classy cocktail to try before “Sex and the City 2” or a fizzy vodka spritzer to serve at your American Idol finale viewing party?

The Daily Caller has compiled seven drinks for you that are not only tasty, but also timely.