Immigration: Our lifeblood that’s bleeding us dry

Michael Wendling Contributor
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THE PROBLEM: I would like to begin with an ancient yet relevant and grave reminder to my fellow citizens from the Greek, Aesop; “united we stand, divided we fall”. Simplistic, perhaps, but its meaning remains as true today as it was in the 6th and 5th centuries B.C. As we search for answers to the incredibly complicated questions of immigration we must always remember the promise America, from its inception, has made to the world; and that my friends is the promise of a better opportunity and the eternal hope held within that sincere promise.

Lest we forget the fragility of our citizenry, for we’re not a people bound by common race or ethnicity, but rather bound by and committed to a set of ideas, hopes and dreams. America’s strength is not achieved from its diversity; it is achieved by blending our diversity into unity of purpose, an American purpose. America was once called the “great melting pot;” of course, signifying the ability of immigrants to embrace and take ownership of their new culture, to truly assimilate. Increasingly it would seem that immigrants themselves and certainly the PC among us, see America as the great tossed salad where everyone maintains the independence of their birth heritage; resulting in the divisive attitude of “I’m a tomato, you’re a cucumber, they’re onions,” etc. It is nonsense, tragic and utterly contrary to the essence of who we are as Americans. America has always been the amalgamation of the best of one’s’ native culture with the best from another, the consequence of which produces the unique and unified American identity.

The strength and lamentably the weakness of Americas’ moral fiber are the laws from which it is woven. The most vital reinforcement to that fiber, though recently and sadly lacking, is the notion and application of common sense. The most corrosive idea to that fiber is the absolute sinister concept and application of political correctness. In America the majority rules while respecting and protecting the rights of the minority. It should never be that the majority is forced to capitulate to the minority to such a degree that the minority reigns supreme and as a result rendering the majority free speechless. The promise of America is kept and renewed by each generation; ignorance and apathy are the progressives’ weapons and if we surrender to their flag of political correctness, this generation will be the first to break the American promise.

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MY SOLUTION: We must not be afraid, we must be brave. We owe that, at the very least, to our children and those whom have immigrated to this country legally. We must be willing to take the difficult steps necessary or America will slide into the shameful abyss of cowardice. I have put to paper what I believe to be, at least a start for comprehensive immigration reform.

Illegal immigration must be stopped, we must protect our boarders, and that is a matter of both national security and fiscal security. We must build a wall wherever it is practical and cost effective, as well as unmanned aerial drone surveillance; this should be funded under the DOD budget, but privately contracted and thus built with maximum efficiency and constructed by any American citizen wanting to work or any illegal who wishes to become a guest worker. Illegal immigration places an unsustainable strain on health care providers, school systems and often overloads various infrastructures not design for such volume.

Illegal immigrants, with the exception of murderers, rapist and child molesters should not be tried and imprisoned at taxpayers’ expense, they should be deported immediately upon confirmation that they are in fact illegal, regardless of whatever criminal activity they may or may not have be involved with at the time they were discovered to be illegal. All state and local law enforcement should be permitted to ask for proof of citizenship when a situation and or suspicion clearly warrants after having been arrested for a crime or stopped i.e. speeding etc, any abuse of this will be met with the most severe of consequences and of course the offended party may seek redress of their grievances through the legal system.

As for the approximate 12 million illegals that are currently residing in the United States, there is a three-step solution. The steps are:

— Anyone and everyone with a felony criminal conviction is to be rounded up and deported period, without exception;

Anyone and everyone who wishes to remain a citizen of their birth country, but wants to freely work in the United States must register as a “guest worker”, thus becoming documented and a part of the system, tax and otherwise.

The path for those who wish to become American citizens. This will be a 10-year process. The completion of which will require the applicant to remain without a felony conviction for that 10 year period, learn English, remain employed for at least 80% of the 10 year period, perform at least 120 hours of community service within that 10 year period, pay 75% of back taxes or $5,000 fine (whichever is greater) and pass the current citizenship written exam.

I want to renew the promise of America and I will not surrender to ignorance and apathy; they are the progressives’ weapons and if I surrender to their flag of political correctness then I will be deserving of my fall into the shameful abyss of cowardice.

Michael Wendling is currently a senior sales associate with a leading resort company. He is also a business entrepreneur currently in development of a social networking site on track to launch later this year. He spent more than two decades in the restaurant industry from a bus boy to general manger, most notably the historic Occidental Restaurant adjacent to the White House where he served on the management staff, focused on service and wine.