Divorced man finds 101 uses for wife’s wedding dress

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One man’s divorce is another man’s multipurpose domestic tool.

According to The Telegraph, Kevin Cotter’s wife of 12 years — and his high school sweetheart, no less! — walked out with everything they owned, everything except her wedding dress.

Now the Tuscon, Arizona, man is doing what every man does when he’s been scorned and left with nothing but bridal attire: he’s blogging. More specifically, he’s chronicling his adventure in finding 101 uses for that satin nightmare.

Mr. Cotter has taken the idea “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways,” to its extreme opposite. So far, he managed to be quite resourceful: the dress has been a coffee filter, a Christmas tree rug and an ice pack.

He’s only up to 23 uses thus far but maybe by the end he’ll have figured out how to lasso a new bride.

Check out a few of Cotter designs below and follow his post-nuptial achievements at My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress: