Summer snacks make headlines, expand waistlines

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NSFK: Not safe for kids

According to The Chicagoist, nutritionists with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine are asking KFC not to advertise the Double Down to children.

A Double Down Combo Meal will not only cost a customer $6.99, but also 1,000 calories and 2,120 milligrams of sodium.

In a letter to KFC, Susan Levin, director of nutrition education at PCRM, described the Double Down as “clearly one of those products with a death wish appeal… Kids shouldn’t be exposed to such recklessness.”

Spicy premiere

Chick-fil-A hasn’t released a new sandwich since 1989.  However, according to The Riverfront Times, the company will change come June 7th with the release of their newest creation: the Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

In case you hadn’t heard, The Daily Caller doesn’t follow rules. We’re prepared to get our hands on the latest dish a week early. How, you ask?

Chick-fil-A is taking reservations online for a free “exclusive premiere tasting of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich.” Visit for reservations. Note to those in the D.C., area: only 19 reservations remain, so hurry!

Beefy burger

Hungry? Try one of Ted Reader’s dishes. A Canadian chef, Reader cooked the world’s largest burger, which weighed in at 590 pounds. That’s enough meat for 2,360 quarter pounders, reports SlashFood.

Says the barbecue master: “I’m amazed that we got it out of the grill and onto the bun … it’s edible, it’s delicious.”

Disclaimer: The Daily Caller does not take responsibility for health risks associated with massive burgers, Double Downs, or spicy chicken sandwiches. Consider yourself warned.