Top 10 excuses for positive drug tests

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Everyone makes excuses, in sports and in life. Athletes blame the referees, their coaches, their teammates and anyone else they can think of to avoid taking responsibility. Often, the bigger the failing, the more outrageous the excuse. This is particularly true when drugs come into question.

Steroids and other forms of drugs have become a prominent part of sports over the last 15 years or so. More athletes are getting caught using drugs, but few are willing to admit their mistakes. Typically, the accused claims to have no knowledge of any wrongdoing, but as the pressure increases, the excuses begin. In rare cases, these excuses prove to be true, but more often than not they are just wild stories to try to shield an athlete from negative repercussions. Just last week, Floyd Landis admitted doping, making his previous excuses seem all the more worthless.

Obviously, some excuses are wilder than others. From massages to whiskey to Chinese food, these are the Top 10 Excuses for Positive Drug Tests.

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