Haley-gate: The storm before the storm

Pat McMahon Contributor
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At the heart of our founding editor’s preemptive admission of an “inappropriate physical relationship” with Republican gubernatorial front-runner Nikki Haley on Monday was the contention that forces were targeting him and a news story about the affair was imminent.

Was this true, though?

Take a look for yourself at the chronology below, which features Wes Donehue (a supporter of Gresham Barrett), Jim Davenport (a reporter with the Associated Press), Tim Pearson (Nikki Haley’s campaign manager) and of course, Will Folks.

Rep. Haley herself even makes a brief appearance in the exchanges (we’ll have more from her soon), calling Folks the Monday after Davenport began making inquiries on the subject – ostensibly to find out what he was planning on saying.  Sic responded to Haley with a text message half an hour later saying that he planned on “denying that I said anything to anyone” and “refusing to dignify politically-motivated rumors with a response.”

Gradually, though, you can see escalation of the situation that led to his decision to admit the affair.

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