Nintendo Wii accessories let you soar, make your mother cry

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Since Nintendo released the Wii game console in November of 2006, there has been no shortage of unique – and often bizarre – accessories available for it. It’s unique motion-sensitive controller encourages game developers to design games that require users to play them with life-like gestures. But somehow making realistic gestures with a boring, brick-like controller just kills the magic of the experience. Thankfully, accessory makers have released dozens of realistic shells for the Wii’s controller (the wiimote) to make the experience more authentic:

Want to play Wii Bowling? Wrap your wiimote in a life-sized, plastic bowling ball. That’s not enough excitement for you? Slap your controller into a dumbbell shell and pretend to lift weights. Despite the bounty of Wii-compatible accessories, one has been conspicuously absent… until now. Yes, giant, plastic wings for the Wii are finally available. Thanks to accessory maker CTA, you can have your very own pair. You no longer have to fear people will think you’re crazy if they don’t see the uninspiring white brick in your hands as you spastically swing your arms to guide your avian avatar. With CTA’s new Wings for Wii, they’ll finally know you’re nuts.

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