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Will folks believe Will Folks?

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Nikki Haley is the leading Republican candidate for governor of South Carolina.

Will Folks is a South Carolina blogger who claims to have had an affair with Haley several years ago.

I’d never heard of the guy before this, and I have no idea whether there’s any merit to his claim. On the one hand, speaking strictly from a fellow blogger’s perspective, it gives me hope that the job might actually lead to gettin’ it on with an attractive lady. On the other hand, Will Folks seems like a creep. Here’s a video he posted to Youtube last year. He’s “Sic [sic] Willie”:

(Hat tip: Verum Serum) Will Folks: Jilted lover or delusional wackjob? They’re not mutually exclusive, of course, but it seems like maybe this guy has some credibility problems.

Mainly, though, I just wanted to post that headline. Sorry, everybody. Sorry.

Jim Treacher