A spotlight on remixes of popular songs

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Inspired by this spring’s mashup hit “Party and Bullshit in the U.S.A,” a remix of Biggie Smalls and Miley Cyrus, The Daily Caller has compiled some other great mashups. If your iPod is in need of a boost this Memorial Day, check out these remixes:

Fat Joe “makes it rain” on Katy Perry in “Hot N Cold Rain,” a mashup  by The White Panda. At first, we laughed at this weather-inspired combination, but turns out the hybrid is pretty catchy.

“The Kids (Featuring Janelle Monae)” by B.o.B mimics Vampire Weekend’s “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance.” B.o.B and Vampire Weekend seem like an odd pair, but “The Kids” is addicting.

E-603’s “Lights Out” features parts of 25 different songs. There’s so much happening that it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on. Some of the artists featured include Beyonce, Billy Joel, Lil Wayne, Styx, AC/DC, and Tokyo Police Club. At least, that’s what it sounds like.

The Hood Internet mixes Juvenile with Passion Pit in “Back That Up Sleepyhead.” The lyrics of “Sleepyhead” still don’t make any sense to us (“Like stars burning holes right through the dark/Flicking fire like saltwater into my eyes”), but we like this mashup regardless.

In another unlikely blend, DJ Topcat combined MGMT’s “Time to Pretend” with Talib Kweli’s “Listen.” MGMT’s indie fanbase might not approve, but we do.

Super Mash Bros. plays with Ratatat’s “Seventeen Years” in “From Honor Roll To Out Of Control.” We have no idea what other songs went into this Super Mash Bros. creation, but we recommend the upbeat mashup anyway.