The footage that made them famous: Stars’ audition tapes [VIDEO]

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When we heard that Megan Fox was fired from “Transformers 3,” we started thinking about who might replace her. Not all of the candidates who made our list were especially talented, but all seemed relatively capable. One name that never crossed our mind, however, was a woman who actually sent an audition tape to director Michael Bay.

It’s embarrassing — we know — but Heidi Montag has released the footage she sent to Bay so that he might hire her. Even for a girl without any discernible talent, it’s pretty bad. We suspect it won’t work, though you never know.

Here are some audition tapes which, conversely, were a huge hit and launched the successful careers of the actors:

We begin with an all-time great, whose Brando impression is better than the real deal.  Here’s John Belushi auditioning for the original cast of “Saturday Night Live”:

Carrie Fisher claims to have obtained this role by sleeping “with some nerd.” We doubt that, sort of. Here she is auditioning for the role of Princess Leia in the original “Star Wars”:

You thought he was adorable in “The Wonder Years”? Wait until you see Fred Savage in this clip, auditioning for a part in a shopping mall ad:

Here is the very funny Russel Brand, newly engaged to pop singer Katy Perry and starring in a new movie called “Get Him to the Greek,” auditioning for his break-out role in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”:

And finally, for all of the hopeless romantics out there, here is Rachel McAdams auditioning with Ryan Gosling (not seen) for “The Notebook”: