Connecticut’s perfect storm

Jerry Maldonado Contributor
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Who said President Obama wouldn’t create change? Well, he was right. The cushy Washington door will soon be swinging wildly this fall as Democrats and some so-called Republicans now have to make plans outside the Beltway.

My state of Connecticut has seen the blue run out of control for years and a shade of red is slowly taking over. The Democrats have their hands full as a host of potential candidates are jumping into this storm of discontent from a voting public that has had it with Washington.

I personally took a lot of slack for featuring now Republican Senate front-runner Linda McMahon months ago. People laughed at this candidate and made every attempt to tarnish her image, but who’s laughing now? I knew her business experience and true compassion for this state would lead her and she deserves credit were credit is due. Most important, McMahon doesn’t need this job, but she cares for this state with such passion it shows in the polls.

Now another candidate has jumped into the ring in our 2nd district with the same qualities and experience that will help this state. The Democrat machine is well aware of this and I expect the president should be flying here soon.

Janet Peckinpaugh; a 59-year-old former news anchor/businesswoman, has been a public figure in this state for almost three decades. For years, Peckinpaugh had to keep her affiliation neutral because of her media occupation, but now has come-out and is ready for a fight.

I’ve known Janet for many years, but this is not about friendship; this is about a pragmatic person who knows what this state needs. In addition, she has seen how the system works and understands it is time for a change, but the media has other plans.

Like McMahon, Peckinpaugh has a huge hill to climb. Jumping into the mix late could hurt her on several fronts, but if she follows the genuine persona that she has kept in the public eye and stands by her beliefs, I see her and McMahon bringing to Washington fresh faces with new ideas.

Don’t underestimate this woman. She is as feisty as they come. If she doesn’t agree with you she will present herself respectfully. If you go against her, she will fight for what she believes in.

I endorse her as a candidate, but I feel she needs to get the ball rolling full speed if she wants to present her beliefs to the voters. The next several months are pivotal to her campaign and she is the best prospect for Republican’s in her district; moreover, the state.

If Janet uses her best attribute of listening, then articulating that in which voters relate, look out! She will be a force to be reckoned with and President Obama will unfortunately waste more taxpayer dollars flying up here.

Jerry Scott Maldonado is the author of “Columns, Quotes & The American Dream.” Tate Publishing Group, due out October 2010. He is a featured columnist for The D.C.G Network of news sites: Sundaynewscape.com, Onequestionnews.com, and Imperialvalleynews.com. Jerry’s work has also been featured internationally.