Recipes gone wild: A look at some dishes we hope not to see featured on ‘Top Chef DC’

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The newest crop of Top Chef contestants will debut on Bravo on June 16. But this time around, the hit TV show is gracing the District of Columbia with its presence. According to The Washington Post, Top Chef DC “cheftestants” will face challenges in the CIA headquarters in Langley, VA, as well as the concession stands at Nationals Park.

Chefs on previous seasons of Top Chef have cooked some crazy creations in the past. Bacon ice cream, for example, sounds a little over the top. Here are some more dishes that we wouldn’t recommend to the Top Chefs of DC (or anyone else!):

Banana worm bread

Shortening, sugar, bananas, flour, baking soda, salt, chopped nuts, eggs, and … worms?

The combination is a delicacy according to, but as far as we’re concerned regular banana bread is plenty wild, thank you very much.

Chocolate covered bacon asks, “If you love both chocolate and bacon, why not eat them together?” Yes, really.

The website recommends frying the bacon, melting the chocolate, coating the bacon in the chocolate, and then chilling the combo. Sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen.

Cat litter casserole’s “Cat Litter Casserole” doesn’t actually feature cat litter on the ingredient list, but the name itself is a turn off.

The casserole, designed to look like a full cat’s litterbox, consists of rice, cheddar cheese, beef, sausage, and butter.

Fish sperm crepes

According to’s “10 Incredibly Unusual Recipes,” people in France enjoy spreading chopped fish sperm and mushrooms on unsweetened crepes with fish-based béchamel sauce.

Add butter and parmesan cheese and voila!