Whoomp! There he ain’t! – No, that’s not Obama in video

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No need to go to Hawaii (or Kenya) to verify this Internet rumor. The evidence is on VH-1 (and now YouTube).

Bumping and bouncing through the blogosphere Tuesday was the claim that President Barack Obama appeared in the 1993 music video for Whoomp! (There It Is), the catchy ode to raucous dancing and sexual promiscuity that became a fixture at sporting events. It includes the refrain “Can you dig it?… We can dig it.”

The speculation centers on an Obama doppelganger who appears in the video by the Atlanta rap duo Tag Team. He appears for just a few seconds during a scene where a wad of cash is shown resting next to a game of dominoes. (Not a campaign contribution, we hope, because the FEC frowns on cash.) With a Compton cap on his head, a stud in his earlobe, an array of gold rings on his hand and an antiquated, huge cell phone attached to his ear, the young black man flashes a wide grin that evokes Obama’s toothy smile. But much of his face is obscured by a pair of wayfarer sunglasses.

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