Colorado Senate candidate tours in an old van the campaign has lovingly dubbed the ‘Backbone Express’

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Coloradans everywhere are on the lookout for the “Backbone Express,” Democratic Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff’s official campaign van, which will be crisscrossing the state this summer spreading the congressional hopeful’s message.

Roy Teicher, the campaign’s communications director, concedes that there are “slicker vehicles out there” but says — despite the van’s high mileage and mechanical problems — that the vehicle holds a special place in his campaign’s heart.

“We need to spend our money wisely, and the van seemed to be a practical purchase, and it has a certain charm to it,” Teicher said. “People who have seen the van seem to enjoy it, they seem to enjoy the artwork on it — we’re quite proud of it.”

Romanoff’s campaign has touted that their candidate has the “backbone” to stand up to the influence of lobbyist money and remember the interests of everyday Coloradans. (“Backbone Bruschetta” was even served at a campaign event.)

So although the campaign does have a sense of humor about the vehicle’s nickname, it’s no joke.

“I think we’re very serious about ‘Backbone Express,'” Teicher said. “I don’t think that’s tongue-in-cheek at all.”

And, despite the nationwide stereotype of big, old, creepy vans roaming the neighborhood, he said most constituents visited by the Express have good things to say.

“I think the comments we’ve gotten have been quite positive, actually,” Teicher said.