Harry Reid’s GOP challenger Sharron Angle’s campaign website shows no ‘extremist’ positions, or much of anything else

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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On her first day as the Republican challenger to Democratic Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, Sharron Angle’s campaign website showed no policy positions.

Democrats spent Wednesday trying to reinforce the message that Angle — who bested a host of Republicans in Tuesday’s primary— is extreme and her positions are farther right than most in the mainstream.

Before the election, a page existed listing her stances on issues, but that page on was dead on Wednesday. SharronAngle.com now shows a thank-you message, a request for donations and e-mail addresses and links to her social media pages — and that’s all.

The Daily Caller learned that Angle is in the midst of having her website completely redesigned. Much of the ammunition used by opponents to call her extreme comes directly from her stances listed on her website on issues such as Medicare, education and the United Nations.

She’s both a fiscal and social conservative, who says the Department of Education is unconstitutional, the United States should withdraw from the United Nations, a flat tax should replace the income tax and a free-market alternative should be established to cut social security. Democrats say she once proposed a bill linking abortion to breast cancer.

But on the day national Democrats distributed an Angle introduction video portraying the new GOP candidate as “so far out the mainstream she needs a telescope to find it” — as DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse put it — is it really wise not to have a list of policy positions for voters’ comparison?

To some, that gives the impression that Angle’s barebones campaign could use some help. Brian Walsh, the spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, confirmed to The Daily Caller that the committee plans to lend a hand to Angle’s campaign. “Now that this primary is over and she’s our nominee, we’re going to do anything and everything to help her win in November.”

Her campaign did not return requests for comment on the website.

UPDATE: Angle’s website now says “Full web site launching soon” and links to “Issues” and “About Sharron.”

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