Sharron Angle up 11 points over Harry Reid in Nevada

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Sharron Angle, whose opponents in the Nevada Republican primary argued she was unelectable in a general election, is polling in the double digits ahead of Democratic Sen. Harry Reid in a newly released Rasmussen poll.

The survey, taken the day after Angle’s primary win on Tuesday over Sue Lowden and Danny Tarkanian, shows her at 50 percent and Reid at 39 percent. That’s an increase in two points, Rasmussen said, in contrast of a poll last month showing her with a lead over Reid.

The Democrats’ narrative coming out of Tuesday’s victory was that Angle’s unapologetic conservative views will make Reid’s path to re-election “clearer and easier.” Republicans have countered by pointing out that Reid has already spent $10 million dollars on the race and is still trailing Angle in some polls.

Angle’s both a fiscal and social conservative, who says the Department of Education is unconstitutional, the United States should withdraw from the United Nations, a flat tax should replace the income tax and a free-market alternative should be established to cut social security. Democrats say she once proposed a bill linking abortion to breast cancer.

Since winning the GOP primary on Tuesday, her campaign website has been under reconstruction and does not link to any of her policy positions. Outside groups, who have targeted Reid’s defeat as a priority in this election cycle, will help Angle in the election.

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