Two-faced: The evolution of Heidi Montag [SLIDESHOW]

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Heidi Montag has come a long way since she joined the cast of MTV’s “The Hills” in 2006.  To clarify, by “come a long way,” we aren’t alluding to emotional maturation; instead, we’re alluding to her evolution, in the most literal sense.

Many moons ago, Heidi was a fresh-faced, budding reality TV star – if such a thing exists.  She was petite, with (dyed) blond hair and a relatively wholesome look.  Over the course of her tenure on “The Hills,” however, Heidi transformed entirely.  Though difficult to chronicle, in the past four years she: started dating Spencer Pratt, got plastic surgery, became obsessed with fame, had more plastic surgery, got engaged, stopped speaking to her best friends because of Spencer, married Spencer, had even more plastic surgery, and has now filed for separation from Spencer who, by the way, is completely insane.

How could one get so much plastic surgery, you ask? In Heidi’s words, prior to her most recent operation, “new last name, new face!” Ah, but of course.

Here is a look at the evolution of Heidi Montag. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on future surgeries – unhappy with her current cup size (DDD), Heidi wants to upgrade to H cups – for Heidi!