Beer bottles, Tasers, and snowballs: Philadelphia fans behaving badly [SLIDESHOW]

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The City of Brotherly Love has a notoriously rowdy and obnoxious fan base, which in the past few months has come under great scrutiny.  While this characterization is true to a degree, certain fans are responsible for giving their fellow Philly fans a bad name.

Take sex-for-tix lady, for instance, who was sentenced Thursday morning to one year of probation after she tried to trade sex for 2009 World Series tickets online.  Susan Finkelstein, 44, insisted that there was nothing wrong with her behavior.

“If I can flirt with someone and maybe get cheap tickets, more power to me,” she said on Inside Edition last October.

Joining Ms. Finkelstein in the Hall of Shame are other recent offenders, including the guy who puked on a cop’s daughter, the young boy who had one too many, and the fan at the center of the Taser saga.

Here is a brief overview of the top – or is it bottom? – memorable moments in Philadelphia fan history: