The spilled-drink lawsuit you haven’t heard about

Bob Dorigo Jones Senior Fellow, The Center for America
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If you think the lawsuit against McDonald’s over spilled coffee was outrageous, wait until you hear about the lawsuit involving a spilled…milkshake!

A man goes through a drive-through at McDonald’s and buys a milkshake and fries. He puts the shake between his legs, the fries next to him, and drives away. As he reaches for the fries, he squeezes the drink with his legs, and it spills on him. Distracted, he rear-ends another car, and causes minor damage.

Incredibly, the owner of the damaged car sued McDonald’s for failing to warn the customer about drinking a milkshake while driving!

This case went all the way to the New Jersey Supreme Court several years ago before finally being thrown out for good. But when the restaurant asked to be reimbursed for the thousands it spent on legal fees in this frivolous case, the judge said No. He actually said the plaintiff shouldn’t be penalized for being, quote, “creative and imaginative.” What?!

Let’s be fair, if judges don’t penalize people who bring frivolous lawsuits, this problem will never end. It’s time for some personal responsibility. It’s time…for common sense.

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