Top 10 goal celebrations of the World Cup [VIDEO]

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At the World Cup, after players bring fans to their feet with an amazing goal, they take a moment to celebrate. Some footballers feel that simply yelling and jumping is inadequate and instead choose to put on a more distinctive post-goal production. Here is a look back on some of the most unique, inspiring and controversial goal celebrations that have occurred throughout World Cup history, beginning with one from this past Friday:

10. Marking the beginning of this year’s World Cup, five South African players celebrate their goal against Mexico by running to the corner flag to perform a rehearsed dance.

9. While this goal celebration is close to crossing the line, Finidi George’s imitation of a dog going to the bathroom in the 1994 World Cup definitely ranks as a top post-goal moment.

8. After scoring for the Netherlands against Argentina in 1998, Dennis Bergkamp must have been too tired to celebrate. He sprawled out on the ground while his teammates ran in and jumped on him.

7. When Papa Bouba Diop of Senegal scored the first goal of the 2002 World Cup against France, it was definitely a cause for national pride and celebration. He took off his jersey and the team danced around it at the corner flag.

6. In a 2002 World Cup match against the United States, South Korea’s Ahn Jung-Hwan celebrated his goal by referencing a controversial moment between the United States and South Korea. His skating pose showed his opinion about South Korean Kim Dong-Sung losing the gold medal to Apolo Ohno after an illegal block in a speed skating event.

5. Sometimes World Cup goals are family celebrations. When Brazil’s Bebeto scored on Holland, he rocked an imaginary baby in honor of his wife giving birth the week before.

4. Ray Houghton of Ireland does a running tumbleset that was clearly a spontaneous demonstration of joy after scoring against Italy in 1994.

3. Roger Milla wiggled by the flag pole in 1990 after scoring for Cameroon against Colombia. Holding the record as oldest person to score in a World Cup, Milla showed the world he hadn’t lost his groove.

2. In 1994, Argentina’s Diego Maradona took his goal celebration a little too far, running at the camera like a lunatic. The image aroused suspicions that Maradona had been under the influence of drugs, resulting in his removal from the World Cup after a positive drug test.

1. Marco Tardelli’s sprint towards the Italian bench after scoring against Germany in 1982 is remembered as one of the most iconic goals of World Cup history. With fists clenched and tears in his eyes as he screamed “Gooal,” the “Tardelli cry” reminds players and fans what the World Cup is all about.