Dear Mr. President

Jerry Maldonado Contributor
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Dear Mr. President,

I realize your schedule is quite busy, but there is an important message I wish to deliver that hopefully grants your time and obligation as our leader of this great nation.

On behalf of the majority of The United States of America there are major issues that we, as Americans want you to realize, need your attention and logic to understand. America is in deep trouble and without you putting aside your life-long conditioned beliefs, this great nation will fall just as Western Europe is falling today.

Public confidence is at an all-time low with millions out of work and millions more giving up out of frustration, anger, and a complete meltdown of the job industry. Think of the families that have to go to bed every night hungry as a result of mediocrity. Think of the children who now are being conditioned to live a life of poverty.

Mr. President, everyone of these able-bodied individuals want to achieve the American dream, but due to high costs and taxes will never have the chance. This is not the way our country was created. Endowments to the majority who would rather work only hurts one’s confidence over-time and complacency takes over.

Your job as our leader is to not pay us, but inspire us. A real leader can turn any negative into a positive. A leader does not get angry at problems, but creates solutions.

How this country was founded was not through millions sitting at home waiting for their next government check, but good old-fashion blood, sweat and tears. This system of trickle up economics has not worked, nor will it ever; history is proof of that.

If you have time, please enjoy a ride down one of America’s main streets. Look at all the small shops that have disappeared and the livelihood that has gone with them. Consider stopping by a local food bank as parents, some with children in-toe stand around for hours waiting for a few bags of food.

Is this what America stands for? We are the land of the free, but free should not be considered this. America needs less government and a leader, who will monitor this nation on the road to recovery, not destroy it.

The only thing America needs is for you to use all your powers as “Commander in Chief” to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic. Otherwise, America does not need your help; we can do it for ourselves.

The Robin Hood mentality that won you this election with promises of hope and change has exhausted every reliable resource this country has. There is no more money to print, just a mess that you can’t clean up.

I ask you to step aside these next few years to enjoy your time in the White House and let the American public work it’s way out of this insurmountable debt that has been brought forth by preceding administrations and yours.

These mid-term elections should be a testament about how the majority of Americas feel. The ultimate losers in this game are the middle class who built this country with hard work, devotion, and a military that gave untold sacrifices for this free land.

Perhaps this period in our great history will bring America back the way it was founded. Family, faith, and millions of individuals who still crave everything this land has to offer will find a way. Let us do our work as Americans and you follow your oath until your time has come.

Jerry Scott Maldonado is the author of “Columns, Quotes & The American Dream.” Tate Publishing Group, due out October 2010. He is a featured columnist for The D.C.G Network of news sites: Sundaynewscape.com, Onequestionnews.com, and Imperialvalleynews.com. Jerry’s work has also been featured internationally.