The Daily Caller interns learn how defend themselves against congressional ‘hugs’ [VIDEO]

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The interns here at The Daily Caller have been shaking in their office cages this past week. Apart from the normal stress brought on by barking editors and herculean tasks (like being sent on an errand to find “the internet’s off-switch’), the poor things are now worried about curbside assaults.

The Daily Caller has already coached interns on how to avoid muggings, aggressive street urchins and general crazies. But ever since video was released of Rep. Bob Etheridge grabbing a “student” by the scruff of his neck for a intimate “hug,” the interns have been afraid to return to their dorms at night.

In hopes easing troubled hearts (and because we can’t keep having them use the kitchen sink as a mini-bathtub), The Daily Caller sent a few of its interns to the D.C. Martial Arts Academy to learn some basic self-defense moves.