Capitol Hill caters to canine guests [SLIDESHOW]

interns Contributor
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These Capitol insiders are able to walk into congressional offices sans appointment, sit in on high-powered meetings with lawmakers, and see Capitol Hill like no one else. However, you might have trouble getting in with this exclusive crowd, unless of course you boast four legs, fur, and a tail.

These members of the Capitol community are dogs. There are a couple dozen of them that roam the halls every day.

According to the Washington Post, many dogs have names relevant to their home states such as Bruin, Rep. Jerry Lewis’ (R-Calif.) bichon frise/poodle mix, named after the UCLA mascot.

Next time you’re at the Capitol, be on the lookout for these furry friends and in the meantime, check out some rare photos of notable members of the Capitol canine community captured by the Washington Post.