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French cuisine 1, French educational system 0

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The Telegraph again:

A French prisoner killed his cellmate then sliced open his chest to remove and eat his heart, a court has heard.

However, the man removed the wrong organ, and ate his lung by mistake.

Nicolas Cocaign, 39, appeared in court in the northern city of Rouen for allegedly killing Thierry Baudry in January 2007 by punching and kicking him, stabbing him with a pair of scissors and suffocating him with a rubbish bag.

Mr Cocaign then allegedly sliced open Baudry’s chest with a razor blade, removed a rib and pulled out an organ which he believed was the man’s heart, but which in fact was a lung.

Hey, it happens. It’s not like there’s a sign on it.

Cocaign fried part of the lung in a makeshift cooker in his cell. Hey, I wonder if French prisons should hire some more guards? I’m thinking they should hire some more guards. Maybe they were on their smoke break. Have you ever seen a French person who wasn’t smoking? You might think that’s a racist thing to say, but it’s more xenophobic.

Jim Treacher