Increased advertiser interest signals resurgence of big TV

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After spending years complaining about TV, have advertisers embarked on a new love affair with the medium? Marketers have expressed frustration over pricing, effectiveness and nearly everything and anything else having to do with boob-tube advertising, but now they are running back into Big TV’s arms. And they may not want to leave its embrace.

Marketers and media buyers swore just a few months ago they would never capitulate to the low double-digit-percentage price increases TV networks sought in this year’s “upfront” market. But advertisers reversed course and paid what they said they wouldn’t in select cases. Now the trend looks poised to intensify.

“I think there might be a re-examination of television,” said Ed Atorino, a media analyst at Benchmark Co.

Two new studies issued last week see TV growing anew after suffering a period of choppiness.

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