Who’s making money off medical marijuana?

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In a small second-story office on Main Street in Ann Arbor, Liberty Clinic is doing brisk business, selling medical marijuana for $360 to $400 an ounce. In just 3 1/2 months, 750 patients have come through its doors.

In Lansing, Danny Trevino has expanded beyond his HydroWorld hydroponics store, adding two medical clinics, grow classes and a dispensary.

And in Ypsilanti, Darrell Stavros and his partners have set up a medical marijuana service center, renting space to a support group, doctors and a bong shop. “This is creating an enormous amount of businesses that never existed,” he said.

Medical marijuana, one of the state’s newest industries, is taking off. Dozens of hydroponics stores, medical clinics and grow schools are popping up. And at support groups, cafés and dispensaries, patients and growers are buying and selling the drug.

As with any industry, there are challenges, such as crop failures and theft. And limits on the size of growers’ crops make it all but impossible for growers to get rich, though they can earn some decent money.

“A few people will make a few bucks. Most people won’t make much,” said Adam Brook, organizer of the annual Ann Arbor Hash Bash.

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