Naked Cowboy vs. Naked Cowgirl in Times Square

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Times Square isn’t big enough for the two of them.

The Naked Cowboy claims a bawdy, bikini-clad female busker who calls herself “The Naked Cowgirl” is ripping off his shtick, and he’s threatening to lasso her into court for as much as $150,000.

The cowboy, whose real name is Robert Burck, sent a cease-and-desist letter to his foil, Sandy Kane — a fixture of the city comedy scene and former stripper famous for closing her act by lighting her breasts on fire.

“Your use of Naked Cowgirl is essentially identical to the Naked Cowboy and is clearly in violation” of Burck’s trademark, read the letter.

Burck is demanding that Kane — who began appearing in Times Square in a red, white and blue cowboy hat and matching bikini several years ago — either stop making money off of his trademark or sign a “Naked Cowboy Franchise Agreement.”

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