Olbermann returns to Daily Kos blog

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Keith Olbermann just couldn’t stay mad at the radical leftists at the Daily Kos. Six days after walking away in a huff, the MSNBC host returned to his spot on the blog on Tuesday morning, with the headline “So, uh, this looks like a nice site.” He began: “OK, I’m back.”

I’ve always liked to invent backstories behind cliches and one of my oldest ones is the idea that the first guy who said “You can’t see the forest for the trees” was actually running through a forest when he ran head first into a tree and didn’t enjoy the experience. You do tend to swear at the trees, and, if you hit your head hard enough, you might even swear off that particular forest for awhile.

Olbermann claimed to be delighted that responses to his “I’m out of here” blog entry brought a wide spectrum of opinion, and that perhaps he had a new thought buried beneath his self-admitted daily pomposity:

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