The audacity of audacity

Lenny McAllister Contributor
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When first criticized by the public for trying to take on too many initiatives early in 2009, the Obama administration responded that they had the power of the White House behind them, so it should be expected that they would be able to multi-task from the nation’s capital.

However, after missing the boat in 2009 on unemployment after using much of the year to focus on health care reform, it seems that all the president’s men will overlook the opportunities to “get it right” within the Justice Department for the sake of getting distracted by another non-prioritized issue.

Well, this time, it is all of the president’s men – and a lady secretary of state.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s admission that the Department of Justice is moving forward with a lawsuit against the state of Arizona because its SB 1070 violates the civil rights of non-citizens was shocking, not just because of its platform (done during a foreign broadcast overseas), but also because of the hubris and lack of focus it demonstrates.

Once again, the Obama administration has the lack of focus to pay more attention to a political matter (in this case, illegal immigration) that, although important, does not rival the importance of another noteworthy and higher-priority matter (in this case, how international terrorism is dealt with on our shores by the Department of Justice.) Further, it displays the hubris to put political polling in front of people’s needs – or, more directly, Americans’ needs. The willingness of the Obama administration to acquiesce politically to his base led America to a costly and misguided health care debate that rampaged our attention through most of this presidential term, even while repeated terrorist plots were being foiled by Providence or the fast-acting wit of Americans – all that, only to have the Department of Justice deal with these terrorists inappropriately. Now, that mindset continues, looking to take over the immigration reform issue, even as oil spills into the Gulf of Mexico and unemployment rovers around 10% for over a year now.

Ironically, if illegal immigration was such an issue for the Obama administration, why did it take Arizona’s actions – actions that, by legal experts, are less stringent than those of the federal government – as the primer to get involved? In essence, the Justice Department’s arguments against this law will center on the division of responsibilities between what state governments should do and the federal government should do.

In other words, the federal government is fighting for the right to stop Arizona from drawing out immigration reform that works for Arizona so that the feds can do it themselves – kind of like a Big Brother trying to duplicate the act that little brother has already completed himself in order to get the praise in the household.

The problem for the White House is that America is a pretty big house with a lot of people to please. The promise of fancy acts by this Big Brother are ones that it has yet to master, leaving the “little brothers and sisters” within the nation (you know, those little people – also known as everyday Americans – that the elite left must guide from on high in Washington) are growing increasingly impatient. Even the moderates and independents are growing weary of waiting for the promise of unifying leadership to ring through with this administration, especially as the attempts of Big Brother to uplift the economy, sell his health care reform, and win over a majority of Americans are failing regularly. The need for this administration to put its own stamp on the illegal immigration issue in Arizona seems to mean more to the White House than watching to see border security and illegal immigration done right – both done out of its own pride for accomplishment and focus away from issues and instead on polls.

Mr. Obama once mastered a book that spoke of the audacity of hope, a sentiment that allowed him to rise as a best-selling author and a political figure. Now, his audacity of audacity is allowing him to master the craft of how to lose a massive amount of political capital permanently over the course of 18 months – through the focus on the wrong issues and the overbearing need to force a stamp of presence when a calm hand of influence will do.

After all – not everything needs a hatchet job applied to health care reform, states’ rights, saving automakers, and rebuilding the economy from the White House to address.

A rising politician once had the audacity to say that.

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