The worst hair in politics [SLIDESHOW]

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White House Budget Director Peter Orszag announced Tuesday he’ll step down next month, becoming the first high-profile member of President Obama’s team to leave the administration.

Before he was “putting the OMG back in the OMB,” Orszag was the Director of the Congressional Budget Office.  According to his wikipedia page, the economist also enjoys listening to country music, running marathons, and engaging in scandalous behavior (he has a baby mama) in his free time.  While we’re sure of these facts about the budget czar, there is one thing that remains inscrutable: his hair.

At the press conference announcing his appointment in 2008, it appeared as though Orszag was wearing a toupée.  While photographers have captured his do from nearly every angle, there is still no definitive answer on whether or not the rumor is true.  Until we know for sure, it appears that he may just have truly awful hair.

While Orszag may have the most talked about tresses of late, it’s important to note that he is neither the first person in politics to purportedly sport a toupée nor the only one to have a genuinely hideous coiffure.  Conversely, he joins a group of offenders who’ve been in the running for worst hair in politics for quite a while. Here are some of the contenders: