George Washington’s whiskey returns

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Whiskey lovers and Whigs alike can now party like its 1775. George Washington’s famous whiskey is making its first appearance in 200 years. Maker’s Mark was in charge of producing the legendary liquor, using an original recipe from the president’s personal records. For $85 a piece, Mount Vernon is selling the 500 bottles to benefit local Virginia schools.

This special release marks the rebuilding of Washington’s distillery, which was personally designed by the Founding Father himself.

According to The Washington Post, Washington’s distillery was one of the most successful in the nation, making 11,000 gallons of whiskey a year until it burned down in 1814. History buffs can experience the president’s legacy first hand with in depth tours given by Mount Vernon’s residential miller. What a better way to celebrate the nation’s independence than downing a scotch fit for a revolutionary.

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