Who is Sen. Tom Coburn’s celebrity look-alike?

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Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and American Idol judge Simon Cowell have more than just a likeness in common, making them the perfect inaugural pair for a new Monday feature here at The Daily Caller: TheDC DoubleTake. Coburn and Cowell are both known for their biting and often hilarious assessments of those around them.

While Cowell made his name shooting down the hopes and dreams of aspiring musicians on national television, Sen. Coburn is known for scolding his colleagues for their spendthrift behavior on C-SPAN. Both men also appear to share a common affinity for the classic black mock turtleneck.

“Cowell is going to have to do a lot better if he’s going to impersonate Dr. Coburn,” Coburn communications director John Hart joked to The Daily Caller. “That was terrible, I mean just awful. The expression is all wrong.”

And although TheDC DoubleTake did not contact Cowell for an opinion on his D.C. doppelganger, we’re pretty sure it would have included the phrase “absolutely dreadful.”

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