Movie and narrative to divulge secrets behind founding and culprits of Facebook

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As if Facebook doesn’t create enough scandals on its own, it seems as though there’s evidence that the founding of the social networking site was a scandal itself.   Ben Mezrich attempts to describe the beginnings of the site in a tell-all book called, “The Accidental Billionaries,”.  While Zuckerburg refused to contribute to the content of this ‘nonfiction’ narrative, he reluctantly accepted his portrayal in the upcoming movie The Social Network, which will premiere this October. While the Facebook CEO, “just wishes that nobody made a movie of me while I was still alive,” many guilty Facebook users wish their spouses, significant others, employers, and enemies never “friended” them, granting access into their virtual lives.

WATCH the trailer featuring the ‘punk, genius, prophet, traitor, and billionaire,’ behind Facebook: