Possible King Tut penis conspiracy

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Size does matter, even to those in the afterlife.

According to Time Magazine, a journalist for The New Scientist believes King Tut’s penis was removed in order to protect the young king’s reputation. He may have suffered from Antley-Bixler, a mutation the effects of which include less-than-stellar size in the genitalia.

Tut’s member was present in 1922 at the mummy’s first unwrapping. It was thought missing in a 1968 CT scan, but was later found buried in the sand. This chronology suggests the missing member is a recent happening.

Others think the conspiracy is short on evidence.

Egypt’s chief archaeologist Zahi Hawass dismisses the theory, claiming that Tut was, in fact, well-developed. However, as Marchant points out, Tut’s penis is no longer attached to the body.

So, who’s holding on to the treasure?